Tobi Indyke

Owner and Lead Artisan at Periwinkle Skies, LLC

My focus is on plasters because I love the durability, quality and infinite possibilities associated with lime, clay, and stucco. They are natural products that have multiple uses on interior and exterior surfaces. (Lime and clay can be mixed as natural paints as well.) 

Lime is naturally resistant to mold and mildew and it resists dust. Both clay and lime reduce air-born toxins, they do not contain VOCs, they are durable, light reflective and improve surface strength. I have noticed an improvement in my health and my clients’ health over the many years I have been working with natural plasters.

When choosing a plaster finish, keep in mind that ‘like’ materials stick best to ‘like’ materials—for example, hydrated lime (semi-permeable) and clay plasters (permeable) will adhere to permeable building materials such as waddle and daub, straw bale or cob. They also work well on semi-permeable surfaces like gypsum board and sheetrock. This is because lime and clay absorb and release moisture at a similar rate to permeable and semi-permeable surfaces. 

Lime and clay plasters have a long history of being used as surface coatings. Ancient examples are still in use and have stood the test of time as a testament to their durability and beauty.

Tadelakt is a lime plaster finish that is sealed and compressed using a polishing stone and a natural oil-soap wax. This is an ancient Moroccan method for creating a water-resistant surface. Examples of tadelakt are on bathhouse walls, wall fountains, cisterns, sinks, tubs and showers.

Concrete stucco is a more recent addition to the plaster family. It is very durable when applied to semi-permeable and non-permeable surfaces—e.g. stone, brick, and concrete board. 

Hydraulic lime stucco is a mixture of concrete and hydrated lime which is semi-permeable and adheres well to semi-permeable and non-permeable surfaces.

Natural plasters create an ambience that support the soul of a space. They can enhance a room, or a building, as an accent or as an architectural coating– –whether the space is for socializing, for work or for quiet reflection. 

Wishing you peace and good health!

"We pondered the perfect effect for our entry area for a very long time--not only for color and texture, but also something visual for a challenging space. Tobi was ingenious in presenting the perfect finish and artistic detail that combined all of these elements, enhancing the personal style of our home. An impeccable and true artisan!!! "--Francine and Tom Hyland, Westfield, NJ

"Tobi's work is of highest quality and she strives to ensure I am happy and comfortable living in each room. Thank you Tobi for being a pleasure to work with and inspiring me to create a home which is so special to us!"--Cindy Dinella, Berkeley Heights, NJ